Tuesday, July 04, 2006

¡feliz dia de la independencia!

Despite the gorgeous (finally) weather here, it's so surreal that y'all are having a real american summer complete with the 4th of july, block parties, cook outs, pool parties, etc... I'm teaching a regular schedule today which means i go until 8 pm. at least i have no morning class tomorrow, so i may meet up with a few friends for a beer or ice cream or something vaguely celebratory. whatever, it's not like the 4th is a particularly dear holiday to me, or like i haven't been out of the country for it before, or working for the census. (yes, the fed gov does make census takers work on federal holidays!! at least some people whose bbqs i interrupted took pity on me and offered me food!)

In other news, things are pretty quiet here for once. It seems like there's always something... student riots, TLC riots, world cup... now with the disappointment of argentina AND brazil being eliminated, there's only european teams left in the finals! and england is out too, on penalty shots after some questionable calls by an argentinian ref. that and the brazil game, and my choir concert pretty much took up all of saturday. anyway, so i'm back to my usual state of not caring at ALL about international soccer. You may have heard that Ecuador did lose out to England, but they played a damn good game and stupid beckham put in the one picture perfect goal, so what more could we ask. Actually, ecuadorians have been celebrating La Tri's historic mundial success as a victory. You should have seen the city last tuesday when the seleccion was being flown back into town. It was one big party.

My life is also returning to normal after my stint at jezreel. I was so stressed last wed and thurs, and fri morning at 7:30 am found me frantically cleaning out my assigned classroom, since no one cleaned it over night as promised. BUT, then my kids showed up and really pulled it all together with the costumes, scenery, and finally some semblance of focus. And they totally rocked! I knew I had them prepared, and they really pulled through. My boss and the director of the school showed and seemed impressed, and i met some lovely parents and grandparents and such, and got to see the other classes' open houses as well. I actually had fun, and it was a great way to end. And then I escaped to lunch and margaritas with becky. ahhh... And now I'm back to my normal classes, with hopefully a few new ones starting up to suplement my morning student who has started traveling too much for my taste.

Also, I can't believe it's been a year since Katie and I finished up our World's Best Road Trip and i came back east in time to catch the pvad and hoa singing!!! I missed everyone like crazy this year, but count me in for 2007. ooh, since we can't go forward in time, let's take a trip down memory lane to our posts from july of last year!

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