Sunday, July 30, 2006

On the making and spending of my "plata"...

If it seems like my posts are further and further apart and i have less and less to say, well then, you'd be right! another week of working like crazy, fitting in time for eating, sleep, and spanish lessons. and another weekend where all my roommates and friends are out of the city or otherwise occupied, leaving me to dvds, cooking, and shopping! But i am finally raking in the dough. Yes yes, please take a moment to fall on the floor laughing at the fact that i consider $600 raking it in. But then take another moment to remember that I only have to spend about 200 of it on rent, taxis, food, etc, for the month. and the rest is enough to pay for traveling for several weeks. so there! as long as i don't spend it on expensive electronics (ahem, i may or may not have just purchased an mp3 player.) i make a nice wage by local standards.

My life hasn't been completely without interest... on tuesday we had a "game night" which consisted of rachel, john and his friend coming over to join us 3 housemates in 2 rounds of BS. There was definitely more food consumed and politics discussed than games played, but good times were definitely had by all. Also on Friday night we had yet another despedida, this time for Rachel! She had enough of her internship here and is heading back to the states. We definitely had an excellent night of culinary adventure in quito... we started out with sushi at the swanky swisotel (1/2 price mon-fri however). of course we got there a bit after 6 and the restaurant didn't open until 7, so we crashed the lounge full of business types closing deals, and were extra rowdy and didn't even order one waaaay overpriced cocktail. We followed the sushi with 2x1 canelazos (traditional hot fruity drink made with aguardiente) and then chocolate fondue! I think we sent Rachel off good and proper.

That's all the news thats fit to blog, or is coming to mind at the moment anyway. I'm off to buy some gorcieries and an expensive sweater i've had my eye on! yay malls!

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