Monday, August 14, 2006

Bad News / Good News: Latest Installment

Bad news: Rebecca & I now seem to post so infrequently that we probably lost half our readership once we gave them enough time to realize that they could be doing much more interesting things than checking this blog.

Good news: Ye faithful readers who are left can check out my first ever Amazon customer book review (scroll down until you see 1 star - I'd have given it less if they'd let me). I finally fulfilled an 8-month-old goal of finishing Plenty Good Room - a perfectly well-meaning first novel about a social worker who's forced to confront her own past when she becomes the foster parent of a 14-year-old girl who's been living on the streets - solely for the purpose of giving it the scathing review it so richly deserves. I went to high school with FOURTEEN YEAR OLDS who could write better than this lady, honest to god. Now don't get me wrong, I can read and enjoy a crappy, crappy novel as much as the next A.N. Roquelaure fan, but sweet Jesus, this novel was so poorly written it made me ANGRY. I literally resented every minute I was subjected to her awful prose... I struggled to finish it because there's nothing more unsatisfying than not finishing a book, even a wretched one, but I had to return it with 1/3 unread when we left Juneau. Last week, I finally steeled myself to request it from the library. I finished the damn thing this evening, wrote up the most pretentious Amazon review I could possibly muster, and refuse to ever think of this novel again.

Bad news: In a brilliant maneuver, I stowed away my passport and social security card somewhere for safekeeping last January, and have not seen either of them since. Tucked in a forgotten pocket of one of my purses here in Austin? Buried at the bottom of a drawer back in Haydenville? Safely in the possession of someone who's used them to steal my identity and rack up 6 months of bad credit? I don't have a clue. The vague necessity of procuring a Texas drivers' license inspired me to visit the Social Security office this morning and apply for a replacement card. (The prospect of forking over more than $100 for another passport to replace my 3-year-old potentially missing one? Not so appealing.) Fortunately, the kind gentleman at the Social Security office was able to print me out a receipt that will placate the folks at the DMV even before my new card arrives.

More bad news: I still find myself unable to get a driver's license, since Texas requires 349587345987 pieces of identification before they'll deign to proclaim you a resident of their fine land, and I can currently only show them 2.

Good news: Salmon was wicked on sale at Central Market yesterday, so we were able to bring home a whole fish to feast upon this week. Ah, almost brings us back to our glory days of carrying home a garbage bag of freshly-clubbled wild Alaska coho. Almost.

Stay cool, y'all!



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  1. Well, you GAINED at least one new reader, and from as far as one of the very, very few countries that still support Bush in Iraq - through Rosie's blog I found yours and now I miss the US, the singing, and the singing folks even more during my stuck-at-home-and-no-travel-whatsoever summer :( Great writing!