Friday, August 18, 2006

From 14,000 feet to the sea...

Wow, when kt has posted 2 in a row, i know i've been neglectful! I can't even remember my last post. The short version of my life recently, hopefully soon to be updated with all the exciting details and pictures!...

- There was a vocal music festival here, and my choir hosted performances/chats with a couple of the groups, so I was treated to an intimate show from a dominican a capella group (really nice christian boys) and an outstanding venezueal group... i was so impressed with them that i dragged rebecca adela and john to their big show at the teatro sucre. One of the best concerts i've ever seen.... i was soooo sad they didn't have cd for sale. It's this old guy who plays the best maracas ever, and a bunch of his sons and son in laws that sing traditional venezuelan music.
- We had a really fun party that was an excuse to invite people from my choir, and ended up being an assortment of friends and colleagues, mostly ecuadorian, someone brought their guitar, we were all dancing and singing.... definitely a good memory of our apartment before we move out.
- I finished teaching!! Yikes!! I had my last class on Tuesday with little Edison... we finished making our little book of animals that he got to write the names for, and i gave him a little lion puppet, and his family tracked me and heather (who teaches his older sister) down later that night at the pizzeria to give us expensive presents and invite us to their house for dinner. Crazy rich ecuadorians!
- Natalia came!!!! Apparently i'm a huge idiot and got her arrival date wrong, so i was a bit surprised when she called me a day "early" from the airport. Even with that extra day, we pushed back our travels a day because we were having such a good time in quito with all my friends and buying stuff at the market and climbing rucu pichincha! We didn't quite make the summit mostly because of time contstraints, but it was fabulous to finally make it up the volcano on which i basically live. On a clear day I'm goig to do the summit, I swear. We got some amazing views and pictures out of it. Then just a few hours later we got on a 10 hour night bus to the coast, and here we are in puerto lopez! That's one of the incredibly things about ecuador... volcanoes and beach in the same day. Tomorrow we are excited to go whalewatching and see boobies, and then on sunday to a spotless white sand beach. Then we plan to head over to cuenca and up the sierra, and maybe meet up with rebecca and adela in quilotoa!

Try to keep you updated. Love to all.


  1. he he, those are the famous birds in the galapagos... ask richard all about them. We just saw TONS of the blue footed ones yesterday and they are so cute and do this little mating dance where they sway back and forth! I got lots of use out of my brand new camera :)

    I'll have to bring you one of the shirts that says "i saw boobies in ecuador!" etc