Sunday, August 06, 2006

More despedidas, this time with kites!

Like Katie, I also enjoyed the great outdoors today! Our jaunt was much less ambitious, seeing as how we stayed out late last night. (Yesterday in honor of Berry's last night in Quito, we had a lovely dinner at a vaguely Greek restaurant with an amazing view of the city, experienced some car trouble, and eventually made it to a bar in the mariscal where we were set upon by several packs of 15-18 year olds. One of whom pulled out his ID to prove he was actually 18. The best story is Elizabeth, one of the FARO bosses where Rebecca and Berry work, who is well into her 30s... she correctly identified the fact that these were some little rich boys, and asked one to buy her a drink. He declined, explaining that his mom only gave him 5 dollars for his evening out. Aww...) Anyway, so we got a bit of a late start today. We did eventually make it to our picnic in La Parque Carolina, where we basked in the sun with the standard weekend crowd of ecuadorian families playing soccer and flying kites. We feasted on my pasta salad, mandarinas, chochos, and ice cream, and then got a kite of our own! Perfect kite flying weather, sunny but with a steady wind. Good times had by all. Pictures of Rebecca flying her very first kite forthcoming.

Now I am at the Plaza de las American with Berry, who is about to pick up friends from the airport and get straight on a night bus to the jungle! I on the other hand will be heading home to finish cleaning my room (which I began on fri night but was rudely interrupted by john and jorge who dragged me out for a drink.) and prep for my last week of classes!!!


  1. First kiting in Ecuador. Pix of kite piloting in prior life buried in a closet.

  2. thankx for letting me live vicariously through your posts ----I so wish I was still there! (Thank Jorge for dancing with me on my birthday:)