Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I had a bittersweet parting with my old friend/nemesis today: my under-21 vertically oriented driver's license that I got two months before my 21st birthday - when I would have been eligible for a proper grownup horizontal license - which has been proudly proclaiming my inability to legally consume alcohol (unless you looked at it closely) for the past three years, and was set to do so until I turned 26. However, as of my lunch break this afternoon, I am now the proud (well, that adjective might be a trifle strong) owner of a Texas driver's license. It's actually a creepy national ID card - all the states are set to phase them in by 2008, I hear - that I had to provide fingerprints for and everything. AND I registered to vote here, so I can do my part in November to help keep Travis County the ineffectual blue dot in the middle of this crimson state that everyone expects it to be.

I forgot to go to yoga tonight, and our local library is closed for a week while they re-pave the parking lot (thus effectively ruining what is usually our most exciting weekly outing), so R and I are heading out soon to see "Little Miss Sunshine." He just saw it last week, and he's insisting on seeing it again with me. If that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

Okay, I'm being given the evil eye for making us late. Over and out.


  1. You will LOVE "Little Miss Sunshine." It is absolutely hilarious, with a few nuggets of wisdom that will warm your hearts... I enthusiastically recommend this movie to anyone who likes to laugh!

  2. Congratulations. Forbes Magazine today listed Austin as one of the top 5 most drunken cities in the U.S., Milwaukee leading the list of course.