Sunday, September 24, 2006

1:02 a.m., back from New Mexico

I have to drag myself out of bed in five and a half hours, so this is just a teaser before my real post tomorrow. R & Alexa & I had a fabulous weekend at the Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Convention in Albuquerque this weekend... now I'm newly home and R is driving around southwestern New Mexico somewhere in preparation for a few days of backpacking in the Guadalupe Mountains. Photos forthcoming when R and his camera get back to Austin, and I promise a real update tomorrow. In the meantime, happy Rosh Hashana, happy Equinox, and I'll be back in 24 hours...




  1. Welcome back!!

    <3B (from your bed in Haydenville, where Bella an I are currently lounging)

  2. i miss you. that is all. but i will see you next month!