Friday, September 29, 2006

Another teaser

[Re-attempt on Friday morning, after Blogger refused to let me post this last night...]

Follow this link for exactly one picture from our trip to New Mexico that I'm not too tired to post tonight. R came home a day early and brought his camera with him, so here's yet one more teaser of things to follow: R and me, fellow Austinite Alexa, and the fabulous Eric and Jossi at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum, possibly the best venue at which I've ever attended a Sacred Harp convention. (Eric said it was only his second-best; apparently he once sang at a creationist dinosaur museum. I'm still a little agog at the concept of THAT.) We sang in a second-floor gallery/meeting room with a wall of windows overlooking the mountains and the field where all the hot air balloons are launched at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (which R and I randomly know all about because one of my Juneau co-workers made a short documentary about it which we saw a screening of last winter) every October. Too bad we missed the Fiesta by a week or two... but we got to see balloons aplenty inside the museum, which was a wacky jumble of balloons and balloon lore. The best part, though? It was 35 degrees in Santa Fe both mornings when we woke up there. 35 degrees. Richard had to SCRAPE THE WINDSHIELD before we left on Sunday. Haven't done THAT in a while...

Okay, this is already longer than I intended. More soon.

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