Thursday, September 14, 2006


Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes everyone! The fact that my inbox was literally full is probably largely due to katie's bday shoutouts, so thanks doubly to her :) I had a nice tranquilo day, just went out to dinner with friends. It was nice to see everyone since I've been traveling though. And Rebecca N really went above and beyond, in providing the birthday hat, lovely flowers, and party favors! I'm definitely holding those of you made empty promises of bday celebration when I get back in a few months to it! Here's a picture of yours truly on my special day... that will have to tide you over until then. Or at least until I post more pictures and juicy travel stories (um, not a guarantee) tomorrow.


  1. So wonderful! Happiest of birthdays!

    Knowing that your parents read your blog avidly (who doesn't, really?) I thought I'd use this space to rave about BARACK OBAMA! I just heard him speak in Louisville, and although I was a bit skeptical (yes, I had heard all the great things about him, but I continued to be skeptical), I am such a convert. I feel reenergized in the democratic party and politics! I was really REALLY impressed. For those of you who are like I once was, please check out his website: and find a video of him. Illinois did well!

    And, I love you Rebecca!

  2. Wine does bring out the best in you, Rebecca.

    Love, Dad