Sunday, September 10, 2006

The long-awaited Picture Bonanza!!

Item of business A#1... must keep up the consecutive posts talking about Katie's hair! Seriously though, is it too cute or what??

As for me, I'm finally home in Quito with my very own bedroom and everything, at least for this week! I got back on Friday night just in time for all my business and traveling to catch up with me in the form of a nice big cold. And also for Adela's despedida! Since then I have consumed vast amounts of tea and chocolate and watched massive amounts of Friends. Filling you in on my travels will just have to wait until my next post, since I just exhausted all my time and energy updating lots o photos! I FINALLY finished the section from my parents' visit in, ahem, April. There's also another album chock full o summer fun... everything from the mundial to belated jewish holidays! Please enjoy, and I'll try to get caught up with pics of Natalia's visit this week.

I am otherwise hoping to spend this week teaching a few classes, getting ready for Peru, and turning 24!


  1. Finally, some pix. I get to see the new people in your life there (some just after they've left it), Clearly the major parts of your summer were eating and drinking and laughing -- not at all bad.

  2. Whoa gorgeous pictures. The backdrop of that horsie picture looks like it was painted on!

  3. I'm embarrassed to say that you're a full decade younger than me... Happy birthday week! :)