Saturday, September 02, 2006

One more highlight

How could I forget my lovely dinner with Jenna??? She breezed into Austin for 16 hours, ate dinner with me and Alexa, and then vanished without a trace. It was magical!

Oh, more exciting news that I forgot to mention: We're going to get a screening of "Awake My Soul" at one of the Alamo theaters in the week before convention! (More explanations for the thoroughly confused forthcoming... in the meantime, I highly suggest you follow this link for a clip of said documentary, a rockin' version of 277, and info on the big Sacred Harp article that just came out in Southern Living magazine.)


  1. I can't begin to say how I envy you, lucky SH singers - always preparing for an AD or convention, being at the convention, or remembering a convention, not to mention the routine weekly or monthly sings...

    BTW - I should've said that in my previous comment - we sang together in Northampton for several weeks last spring before you left for Alaska. I was in Western Mass in spring and summer 2005, went to Camp Fasola with Linda, and came back to Poland just before the Tue singing school was launched in Northampton.

  2. hi magda! I'm jealous of all those sacred harp siners too... i'm really torn about leavin ecuador but i can't wait to do more than listen to matt's cd over and over...

  3. R- Were you trying to call them "sinners"??? I can't wait to sing either! Stupid lack of car making me sing as infrequently as people in other countries. (Miss you, R!) <3B