Friday, September 29, 2006

Stomach fun and LOTS of buses

Sorry if I disappeared for a few days there, though from the lack of concerned emails no one seems to have noticed. I was hanging out on a lovely ecolodge in vilcabamba with no cell reception and no chance to use the internet in town until today. I actually spent an extra day here since I woke up yesterday with stomach problems and couldnt really leave my bed, let alone get on a multi hour bus to machala. But, if you have to be sick at least do it somewhere where you can enjoy a lovely mountain view from your hammock while nursing yourself back to health with freshly squeezed orange juice from the tree next to you and tea from freshly picked mint. Now I'm pushing all the way on to guayaquil where hopefully I will meet up with rebecca and co and see elizabeth run a marathon tomorrow! Then an overnight bus back to quito where its peru prep time, and hopefully time to upload more pictures and make a last round of phone calls to some lucky people.

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  1. Who can't wait for Rebecca to come home?????