Saturday, September 02, 2006

This week's highlights

So I went to buy some groceries at the organic co-op on Wednesday... I'd just upgraded my membership from my poor man's annual membership to a Gold Card Investment (with absolutely no selflessness involved; Gold Card members are eligible to receive cash reimbursements proportional to their purchases if the co-op has a good fiscal year), and they'd warned me that my number might change. I'd finally gotten around to knowing my random 5-digit member number by heart, and was mildly cranky at the thought of having to learn a new one. So on Wednesday I brought my groceries up to the counter, told them "60443" like I always do... and learn that my new member number is (wait for it...) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 12345! For real! I was so nerdily thrilled. (The guy in line behind me gave me his best Napoleon Dynamite-esque "Lucky!" when the cashier told me, which also made it a particularly amusing moment. The only thing that could have completed the moment would be if he'd told me that that was the sort of number that an idiot would have on his luggage.) My friend who used to work at the co-op told me that the 12345 customer when she was working there would always get upset because he'd want to tell them his number when he got up to the registers, but all the cashiers always recognized him (because he was, after all, the 12345 guy) and punched in his number before he got a chance to say it. Apparently, it really doesn't matter that I now have the most easily memorizable number in the co-op, since I won't need to actually say it out loud anymore...

In other, unluckier news, my faithful CD-player remote, after behaving perfectly since the summer of 2004, finally died. I depend on that remote mainly for one thing: turning the "Repeat All" and "Repeat 1" functions on and off, since confusingly you can't do that using any buttons on the player itself. I almost never use the "Repeat 1" function, but my mother had asked me to come up with a harmony for a particular song that she wants to accompany on the cello, so I was listening to it over and over (Mom: I realized I was listening to one Garnet song on repeat while I cooked dinner, and had this hilarious "I AM my mother!!!" moment...) when the batteries in my remote up and died. This led to 48 hours of a perfectly good CD player being rendered COMPLETELY unusable, because who on earth wants to manually hit the "Next" button after every song for an entire album? Stupid remote.

Hope you all have lovely 3-day (or 1-day, if you're Richard...) weekends planned. I got suckered into a babysitting gig (how old am I, sixteen?!) with my friend Noelle tomorrow night... two babysitters for four boys, forty dollars each. I can live with that. Happy Saturday! Love, K


  1. i object to not being one of this week's highlights! i am at least less scary than a volcano,and maybe cuter, too.

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  3. (however it goes without saying i cannot compare to sequential numbers!)