Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Traveling solita / another picture bonanza!

So after an excellent week in Quito during which I got all my supplies for peru, had a lovely birthday, met our new roommate Andrew, and saw a fabulous (ecuadorian??!!) movie, I'm back on the road! I finally made it to Baños, where of course it poured the whole time. The damn rainy season is back in Quito... it POURED on sunday just as I was getting ready to go to the bus station, and the encore took over my whole day in Baños. I wasn't even planning on doing anything dramatic like bungee jumping or renting cuadrones, i just wanted a little hike around the city! Oh well, it was pretty enough, though I could have done without the high concentration of backpacking gringos and the locals trying to convince me to take a tour to the volcano. Tonight I'm making an unscheduled stop in Riobamba, cuz I was having bus hassles and didn't want to push on all the way to cuenca tonight. I actually like the city a lot, the downtown area is actually the historic area too, and they have some lovely parks. Not to mention that I had to tear myself away from the Warner channel to go next door to use the internet.

But, thanks to their high speed, I finally updated some more pictures!! There's a whole bunch of new CUTIE pictures of Blanca... Becky says I'm going to be one of THOSE parents, who follow their kids around with cameras and insist everyone else see the slideshow. (Aren't all parents like that??) But seriously, Blanca, who we were afraid would be even more traumatized after a second move, LOVED moving. Not as much the part where we had to shut her in the carrying case. But the part where she gets to explore a whole new world, and the part where people keep moving in and out and we keep unpacking and redecorating, so the scenery keeps changing. She's had a ball climbing in cabinets, boxes, closets, and most especially up the curtains. And she's gotten a lot more affectionate, climbing up in our laps, and she even let me brush her for half an hour on my birthday! (she's gotten, well, a lot less blanca, but was refusing to let us brush her...)
Also there are pictures of the big party we had, and Natalia's time chillin in Quito (including climbing rucu pichinca)!! Up next, if I ever have the time... traveling with Natalia, John's chiva, climbing Imbabura, and all my recent solo traveling!! Phew, this camera sure is getting a workout...


  1. i'm not an animal fan, to put it mildly, but dang that is one cute kitty.

  2. Gotta love the land of the never-ending despedida. And I like the part where you guys clamber over the chalky, crumbling rocks without a parachute.

  3. Yeah we're pretty attached to ms blanquita :) She's everything cat people love in cats... her own crazy personality but she's coming out of her shell and loving us anyway. Don't worry, more pictures of her forthcoming i'm sure!

  4. Loved the photos of Blanca and Edison! Glad to know about the rock wall AFTER the fact And the party photos are great! Natalia looks like she enjoyed herself immensely.