Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween in... Peru??

Really weird to see lots of trick or treating kids and halloween decorations everywhere, and zero day of the dead. it's not as widespread as in the us, and its really just some young people and businesses who have embraced it more recently, so it just feels quite fake, and I miss Ecuador where right now everyone is feasting on guaguas de pan and colada morada.


  1. Did you see the "Lunch Box of the DAMNED" for halloween at the veganlunchbox? I'm going to feel such a failure at the packing lunches part of parenting after reading that blog.

    (I had to look up pisco... actually not as bad as some of the possibilities I was imagining when I read the story. Invigorating when applied to the face? Glad you're feeling better.)

  2. ha i did see it, that woman is a genius! my mom probably hates veganlunchbox because i give her a hard time for not having made me such excellent lunches! though i made my own lunch in jr high/high school, so i guess i only have myself to blame.

    (and yes i was actually relieved myself that the mysterious liquid was only pisco!)