Thursday, October 05, 2006

Made it to Lima

Made it to Lima after enjoying the bus cama, complete with dinner, breakfast, bus stewardesses, and no Jean Claude Van Damme flics. Spent the afternoon checking out Miraflores, which is the chic neighborhood of Lima that seems to be the only place worthwhile place to stay in the city. And it is NICE. Meaning they have some UPSCALE shit around here. I thought quicentro and the hilton colon was something. no no. This is like American upscale. They have a Whole Foods look alike, malls with serious style, chic cafes, and even flat sidewalks! I didn't trip even once today! It's a little overwhelming. I did magane to find the one pair of pants in South America that don't have the EVIL fit (aka skin tight and loooriding). Also down the street I found the joys of the other side of shopping here... big bins of factory direct old navy abercrombie etc clothes ("made in peru") for .75 to $3. Not too shabby. Also ate lunch at a vegetarian place (pachamanca, a traditional dish dating back to incan times, apparently as an offering to the earth, and still common today. it was kind of like seco.). Tomorrow we're flying down to the border and then going overland to La Paz! So a whole other country coming up. Still no idea of our overall itinerary. Good times.

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  1. addendum re miraflores: It has serious nightlife! As in, not just drinking but EVERYTHING is open, people are out shopping, strolling, i was really confused when everything didn't close by 6 pm. This is unheard of in ecuador

    Also, I already accomplished my goal of trying a new fruit! I had a juice of lucuma. (At a middle eastern restaurant where i had maybe the best eggplant of my life.) It was nutty and a little strong, but I hear it is incredible in ice cream so i'll have to get me some of that.