Monday, October 16, 2006

Notes from mid-October

Oooh, who knew? Apparently I've been working for the Commies! There are loads of people who refuse to align themselves with World Can't Wait because of its founder... who knew? I thought the only people who hated Communists were McCarthyism holdovers and people who'd actually had to suffer through an entire game of Class Struggle. I completely and totally appreciate the issues people have with World Can't Wait's founders, but until another group whose sole mission is to drive out the Bush regime comes my way, I guess I'll stick with the faulty one I've got. Besides, who would be the webmaster of our local chapter if I quit? (That's right. I said "webmaster." You know an organization is desperate when...) Actually, we just had a really good meeting last Friday... about 10 new very enthusiastic folks showed up, claiming (we should have made them sign a contract) that they were interested in taking on - get this - some responsibility for the local chapter. We'll see how that goes... at any rate the 3-4 of us who've been running things blindly for the past 6 months are sure as shootin' not going to devote as much time to this group as we've had to lately.

In other news, I'm about to embark on a whirlwind two weeks which will included some or all of the following: three concerts, two sings, a costume birthday part at a roller-skating rink, Jenna coming to town, the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention, a public screening of a shapenote documentary, day-tripping to Dallas, a retirement gala for the Executive Director of the Women's Health & Family Planning of Texas organization, and an evening of signmaking for a WCW protest. My pajama-time is going to be severely diminished. Ideally my week consists of 6 days on which I grudgingly get dressed and 1 pajama day; we call that the Golden Ratio. Fortunately I got in a good run of it yesterday while I could. It was the kind of dark, drizzly day that we never get down here, perfect for reading and writing letters and baking sweet potato bread and cleaning the house and cooking an Actual Dinner (not to be confused with the frozen-meat-free-soy-free chicken nuggets which are posing as tonight's meal).

R & I are going up to stay with his parents in Seattle for Thanksgiving, a visit which will hopefully involve two brand-new babies - not, rest assured, our own, nor his parents' (though the comic possibilities of THAT one are endless), but the twin boys due any day now by way of R's brother and sister-in-law, who just moved from Rhode Island back to Washington. Which I suppose sort of makes me an aunt (though not in the eyes of God), and gives us an eagerly-anticipated excuse to buy adorable presents.

My frozen nuggets are calling to me, so I'll bid you all adieu, and try very hard not to wait 2 weeks before posting again...




  1. Katie, just make sure you temper your online anti-Bush comments. You don't want to be visited by the Secret Service!

  2. ha ha, she sounds like peter.
    and charlie and melissa babies!!!!!!! why wasn't i informed?????????

  3. what day are you going to dallas?

  4. This Saturday, for Don Ross/Beverly Coates' singing school (focus on etiquette!).

  5. ooooh take good notes! or a microrecorder. (for us, i mean. not because you need them.) see you so soon! xo