Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nouvelle Mexique

Okay... at last and finally and about time, here are the rest of my New Mexico pictures. Lots of Alexa and Eric and Jossi, mainly for the benefit of those who know them. I also snuck in a few from R's backpacking trip in the Guadalupe Mountains. All in all, it was a lovely short weekend vacation... the drive out was by turns beautiful, ugly, and just plain boring, so it provided for plenty of variety. As far as cities go where just driving through it was enough for all of us to decide that you couldn't pay us enough to go back there... Lubbock might have to take the prize. Booming metropolis with the best name: Muleshoe, Texas. Our favorite store: Barricades Unlimited, which appeared to be filled to the brim with orange cones and contruction dividers. Least compelling billboard: "COVENANT HEALTH: THE ONLY PEDIATRIC TRAUMA WARD IN THE AREA." (Wow, if it's the only one, it MUST be good...)

We got into Albuquerque in time for David Ivey's singing school, and then drove up to Santa Fe to spend the night with Eric's delightful parents. Saturday we sang (I'll spare the non-singers a dull description of the sing; ask me if you want a rundown) and then skipped the evening social and went back to Santa Fe, where Eric gave us a private tour of downtown and treated us to tasty Mexican food. It was a great evening, in spite of the almost unbearable preciousness of downtown Santa Fe: galleries, upscale boutiques, and trendy restaurants as far as the eye can see, all done up in adobe pueblo-style architecture. The weather was chilly and perfect, and the view of the mountains couldn't be beat. After dark, we did a 5-minute hike up to the top of a local hill with a sweeping vista of the lit-up city. Then we went home for hot chocolate.

More singing on Sunday, another amazing potluck spread (New Mexico had one of the best dinners on the grounds I've ever seen, with things like giant pans of salmon and agave-sweetened iced tea and crock pots fun of chicken-chili stew...), and then the three of us with Eric & Jossi went to a cafe for coffee, extended de-briefing, and goodbyes. Alexa and I got dropped off at the airport, and twelve hours later I was back at work again.

So there you have it. Nothing else exciting coming up until R & I fly to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with his parents. (I'm sure THAT will entail at least a post unto itself...) Autumn seems to be concert season in Austin, or at least the time of year when they book everyone we want to see, so we've been doing a fair bit of that lately. Good news: The weather is cooling a little. Bad news: We just paid off, between the two of us, $28 in library fines. (Probably enough to have purchased ALL the damn books, plus the DVD.) All in all, things are going pretty well here. My months of World Can't Wait work are culminating in a big (by which I mean, hopefully not pitifully small) rally/media event on Thursday evening... I'll let you know if we pull that one off. If you're interested in attending an anti-Bush rally near you on that day, click here for a complete list of locations and events. There are currently over 150 events planned in cities across the U.S. and southern Canada, which is pretty exciting.

Okay, R's off at work (a peculiar 6-9pm schedule today) and I'm getting hungry again, so I think I'll continue the theme of eating and sleeping that has made up our ENTIRE weekend and go fix me some dinner. Later!


  1. I can't let you badmouth the state of my birth without commenting. Yes, Santa Fe is rather touristy, but give them credit for their city ordinance that prohibits any skyscrapers or even buildings higher than 3 or 4 floors. If I'd known you were going I'd have insisted you visit the Jackalope store, which has all manner of tacky stuff for inside and outside the house, including jackalopes - which, for those who don't know, is an animal unique to the southwest: resembling a large jack rabbit with the antlers of an antelope. You only see them in stores such as this and on postcards.

  2. Don't worry; only goodnatured badmouthing here! We loved New Mexico, and we only walked around the touristiest part of Santa Fe, so we certainly didn't get an accurate feel for it. And you'll be pleased to note that we had a discussion of Truth or Consequences (which mostly involved telling our friend Alexa that you're from there) on the car ride out.

  3. we have the return address from "truth or consequences municipal school district" posted up on our bulletin board in the staff kitchen at work! we missed you all at the new england this weekend, but david and karen said they saw all "[our] expats" last week.

  4. yikes somehow in posting my pictures i missed reading this entry until now! I want to sing in new mexico! or at least get the special singes update :)

  5. Is it wrong that the Albuquerque/Massachusetts balloon makes me teary? Big love,