Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Que viva la inmigración!

Well we are back in Puno again killing time with the internet, but I'm not feeling as long-winded as usual, partly because i have pisco all over my face and would enjoy a shower (long story involving a local remedy...)

But here is a fascinating article i came across while googlenewsing the other day. Apparently Latino immigrants in the US will send home remittances of a record $45+ billion this year. But even more notably...

IDB officials noted that the immigration benefits weren't a one-way street: About 90
percent, or about $460 billion, of the income generated by Latin American-born
migrants stays in the United States. Bendixen warned that if the United States shut
its doors to Hispanic immigrants, as Congress is attempting to do, the U.S. economy
would be "close to collapse."

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