Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Saludos desde Piura, Peru!

I made it to Peru! My two days back in Quito were filled with watching way too much OC (damn you LA Rebecca!!) and too little time packing, but I managed to get everything together (and if anything, i UNDERpacked! My brand new chimbo "north face" backpack won't even cinch tight enough! But I'm hoping to fill that all extra space up with goodies from Peru and Bolivia!) and leave for my 7:15 flight to cuenca. Boy am I converted to flying domestically in ecuador. (Even if I was thwarted from going all the way to loja, as starting the 2nd they are fixing the runways and cancelled all flights for 2 months. grr) Instead of a 12+ hour bumpy busride with chickens etc down the panamericana, for $50 I was leaving the airport in cuenca less than 2 hours after leaving my apartment in quito. With an incredible aerial view of cotpaxi (you can see the crater!) to boot. Then when I inquired at the info desk at the aiport about the bus terminal, a nice woman said "te traigo" and so i followed her out, thinking she was going to indicate how to get a bus or walk. Instead she gave me a ride in her car and didn't let me pay her! So then I got a bus to loja (my 4th time in the terminal in a week), and fortunately managed to make it in time for the 1 pm bus direct to piura, which takes you across the border so there's minimal immigration fus and no transferring. So just one plane, two buses, and 14 hours later, and there i was in peru! I met a swiss girl also traveling solita on the bus and with the same plans to travel to lima tonight on cama bus (a luxury nonexistant in ecuador), so we've been hanging out and ive been enjoying her guide book complete with map, unlike mine which has 2 sentences on piura. We're killing time until the night bus, so I've been indulging in catching up on blog updates at jennas blog, rosies blog, and veganlunchbox! As for Peru I'm much more exciting about traveling now that I've gotten here and switched to soles and chatted with people. Before I was really reluctant to leave the safety net of my residency, Ecuadorian spanish, dollars, etc. I can understand people and people understand me, though the hotel clerk laughed at me when i said "chevere"... he said it was very "limeƱa", not ecuadorian however, so that bodes well. Tomorrow I should get into Lima at 8 am and then meet up with my dad at his hostal, and then we can really plan our trip! Tengo ganas de conocer todo de Bolivia y Peru!

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  1. haha - i am caught up to the middle of season 1 right now. when you get back i'll prob. have bought season 2.... get ready!