Friday, November 10, 2006

Beach news and other excitement

Yes, I am using the internet at 10:30 pm friday night and intend to go to bed shortly after. I'm not particularly interested in partying with hippy tourists or sketchy locals. I had another full day yesterday - got to have dinner at crepes y waffles and hang out with john and jorge! and then an early flight, so I'm looking forward to curling up under the mosquito netting. I spoiled myself with a roundtrip flight to manta... instead of a 13 hour overnight bus ride, I walked into the airport at 6:30, got on my 7:00 flight, and was on a bus headed down the coast by 8:00, and hit MontaƱita at high noon. So what did YOU do today... well I took a nice walk on a beach, and did a crossword in my hammock! It's still not high season here, so it was overcast all day, but at least not cold and rainy like quito so im not complaining. montaƱita is ok, the beach isn't good for just hanging out - it's the place to be for surfing, and probably for meeting random travelers were i at all interested in either of those activities, but i'm mostly excited about heading to alandaluz tomorrow!
Excitement #1: My hippy culinary school finally posted the dates for the spring/summer program, so I officially have a reason to go back to the states, which is greatly needed at the moment! Assuming no probs with my application, I will be donning my chef hat March 27th!
Excitement #2: The great girls I hung out with in Vilcabamba (ok, ok, you can meet cool people traveling, i admit it) emailed me that they had finally updated their website through their stay there. I checked it out and they sure don't fool around with their updates! They have a super comprehensive description of our time, complete with surprisingly extensive mention of yours truly, and a link to tons of pictures! Yes, that is me cooking :)

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