Monday, November 13, 2006

Bulldog train, she my ball and chain...

1. Forgot my keys this morning, got home 45 minutes before Richard was due back from work tonight, managed with little to no difficulty to remove screen and climb in through kitchen window. In all honesty, it was almost easier to enter this way than through the front door. Should I be concerned about this?

2. Not to become one of Those People Who Post Pictures of Babies Who Aren't Theirs, but I invite you all to click here for what would be a much scarier picture if Richard's younger nephew actually had teeth.

3. Is anyone else as excited as we are at the prospect of an America-bound Rebecca?


  1. 1.Yes 2.So very cute! 3.ABSOLUTELY
    xoxoxox N

  2. Ahh, climbing through windows when doors are locked. My mother has some similar stories (and one time I locked her in the bathroom, in her nightdress and then couldn't unlock the door... hope that doesn't happen to me here since our bathroom window doesn't open).

    Love the picture-of-babies-that-aren't-yours). And as someone with a baby I am impressed that the moment was captured. Seems as though our girl saves the best stuff for when the camera isn't handy.

    Yay, Rebecca!


  4. I'm very irritated that our new 4th floor apartment actually necessitates me to carry my keys with me (and now that we don't have a guard, there are about 8 of them...). In our last apartment we would just leave the keys handy on the curtain cord by the non-lockable window that looked out onto what should have been our patio but what was actually the electrical supply box for the complex. I admit, not the most secure apartment in all of Quito.

    And thanks for all the coming home hype! It's much needed...

  5. Are you kidding? There are TWO of us right here in cheery Oak Park who are greatly excited about Rebecita's impending arrival - one of whom didn't get to share the exciting trips with her to Peru and Bolivia. Ok, maybe our gloomy November weather isn't THAT cheery, but we are!!
    aka Mom