Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Black Friday!

(Hey look B, I changed the blog title as per your reminder! I hope you approve.)

So as noted in the previous comments, I'm back! Shockingly my flight got in promptly and I was through customs by 1 am thanksgiving morning! 2 highlights of my trip
- the "aero chips" handed out on taca were probably the best i've eaten in south america! yuca chips with vinegar and hot sauce - yumm!
- making a super nice otavaleƱa friend who came on the same 3 flights as me, so i didn't have to say goodbye to ecuador until i hit O'hare.

Yesterday after sleeping in we had the usual thanksgiving with the bridges, which was a rather surreal but taaasty welcome home. and I managed not to painfully overeat for the first year ever i think!

Today I mostly hibernated, not having much desire to brave any type of commercial setting. The women in line behind me checking into our flight in Quito were headed to LA to shop the post thanksgiving sales, armed with a thick stack of printed sales ads from the internet and several empty suitcases. Good luck to them. I started my holiday shopping in march and finished last saturday, the majority of it in various otavalo trips. So all i have to worry about is cards and wrapping! Good thing because hanukkah is early this year, starting mid-december.

I did manage to accomplish:
- deposting large amounts of cash in my bank account!
- eating a real diner lunch of pancakes, eggs, and hash browns.
- eating corn pudding leftover
- boring my parents with massive ammounts of pictures, which will eventually be sorted through and posted for all to see
- going to the gym! I was confused at my inability to get in a good work out, until I got off the eliptical machine and realized i was in fact bright red and jelly legged, I just wasnt out of breath due to spending the last year hiking (whether uphill to my house or braving volcanos...) at high altitude! just like those olympic athletes.
- which involved driving for the first time in over 8 months!! I admit to being a bit rusty at reversing and parking (and putting my seatbelt on...) and did go somewhat out of my way to avoid a left turn onto a busy street.
- applying online to borders, which is hiring seasonal cashiers for the local store. It involved 37 pages of ridiculous personality questions, ranging from "do you usually take charge in a group" to "are people often mean to you" to "do you get etremely angry when criminals go free?" to "did you ever seriously consider quitting high school?" congratulations nancy and lauren, due to being excellent people who will hopefully say nice things about me (and for whom i had phone numbers at hand) you get to be my personal references! If that job doesn't work out, my mom might be able to hook me up at chicos, or i can temp. We shall see.

General impressions of being back: Everything here is so CLEAN and ORDERLY, I feel like I'm in some kind of model city exhibit! Where are all the uneven sidewalks, grafitied cement walls, honking cars and lack of any respect for traffic laws, street vendors, begging children??? Why is my orange juice not fresh? How come I can magically cook and shower without moving a gas can, flipping a switch, or lighting a match?? Why is everyone speaking english? What is the point of "Deal no deal"??


  1. Rebecca, if you are nostalgic for uneven sidewalks, grafitied cement walls, honking cars and lack of any respect for traffic laws, street vendors, begging children - just drive into the city via Madison Street. Remember? Good to have you home!!

  2. If you can figure out the point of "Deal or No Deal," let me know.

    On second thought, please don't spend any effort on trying to figure out the point of "Deal or No Deal."


  3. I still have to light the oven with a match. Call this a first world country? Bah!

  4. I've never seen Deal or No Deal, but I'm pretty sure the point is mindless distraction, as this is the case for most (all?) television programs. At least the ones I watch.