Monday, November 06, 2006

I was only 22 hours from Quito...

(Uh, yeah I hope y'all appreciate Burt Bacharach as much as I apparently do. The unlikely tv i watched on bolivian/peruvian cable tv has included excellent documentaries on 2pac and Tin Pan alley in the 60s.)
I am in fact in a much better mood, trujillo is lovely, the people are friendly, i rented a hotel for the day (which felt very sketchy) so I've even managed to shower and watch the latest installment of ER (by latest i mean whatever random season they've been rerunning and i've been watching avidly.) I'm about to get on a bus DIRECT TO QUITO, which they promise will only take 22 hours. (you can get it direct from lima even, but i opted to see a new city and not spend 30 hours direct on the same bus. even though this way i don't think i beat richard's record of longest bus trip!!) Retrospective updates forthcoming once I am safely back on my home turf.

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  1. Got your postcard! Thank you. Che (and abuelita, let's not forget her) now take pride of place on my mantlepiece. Quite enjoy him there. He is the best looking dead revolutionary I know (although he's possibly not so good looking nowadays).

    By the time you read this you will have done the mammoth journey! I did a similar trip from Lima to Guayaquil- All manner of swear words come to mind! Ended up being about 30 hours due to breaking down! Let's hope your journey was better than mine!

    Enjoy your last days in Ecuador!