Sunday, November 05, 2006

Just sayin hi

So I'm a little grouchy and not in the mood to really post, especially as i already wrote an elaborate post last night that got erased, but it's been a while and i'm killing time waiting for a night bus to trujillo, so i thought i'd say howdy! I don't even have any boring articles to link to. There's really not very much point to this post except perhaps it is slightly therepeutic to ramble. it would be much more therepeutic to go to a singing, or at least sing with my choir in quito or something, i'm gettin real antsy at this point - i haven't sung in any context for a couple of months, which is not good for the soul. Assuming after my night bus I am less grouchy (ummm... yeah... don't hold your breath...) I will try to post actual content tomorrow! love to you all.


  1. you DID win for "vote cast from furthest away." i think you won something awesome, like a stint on the welcoming committee. ;) xoxoxox

  2. Who WOULDN'T want to welcome on behalf of a team like Laura T and Joanne F and Kelsey S?

  3. wow now i feel like my blog comments need a spoiler warning! though i suppose i am just as happy to hear election results from katie as sheldon.
    and ha, id be happy to welcome though it feels ironic as i will be flying in from california and expect my own welcoming committee!