Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A short one

ELECTION RESULTS: Very, very good. (Texas managed to elect itself another less-than-exciting slate of statewide Repubs, but it's not like we didn't see that one coming. And in the meantime, the news from elsewhere just keeps getting better and better. I see Deval will indeed be the next governor of Mass... don't know much about him, but he gets HRC's stamp of approval, so that's good enough for me!)

KATIE'S RECENT BLOGGING ABILITIES: Very, very poor. (My apologies. Life has been coming a little nonstop at me for the past couple of weeks. But in the meantime, please feel free to distract yourself by admiring the absurd cuteness of R's newborn nephews.)

Consider yourselves updated on the most salient aspects of my life. Exciting new acquisitions include an organic hemp shower curtain (hippiiiiiie...) and two flasks of homemade hot sauce from Bill. Every year Bill grows his own hot peppers, processes them into different varieties of hot sauce, and then invites all his friends over to rank them from wussiest to most lethal. This year there were 17 varieties and I'm proud to report that I tried almost all of them up to and including the second-hottest sauce. (I just couldn't steel myself to try the chocolate habanero, whose evilness was summed up at various points throughout the evening as being not unlike a powerful train, an army of small angry men with clubs attacking one from the inside, and/or a throat full of rusty fish hooks. Er, check please.)

Now back to Rebecca's regularly scheduled travelogue.




  1. i've been eating bill's mild sauce (yes, i am a wuss) on my cheese grits and collards. i'm basking in post-election glow. i miss the weather in texas, though i've stopped sneezing. i miss you and yours.

  2. Aw look, our blog finally got jealous of Rs and put up its own cute baby pictures!!

  3. Richard, congratulations on becoming an uncle! Are you knitting them baby clothes yet?

    As for the election, I'm guessing Kinky Friedman did not win, but didn't we do well nationally? It is so nice to smile again when reading the news.