Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A sunny memory

Well I'm all full of good karma now from my vegetarian almuerzo at the Govinda here. Finally had time to stop by after choir, and got to dine with my hare krishna choir buddy and her friend who you may remember from the fotos of our party, in the orange pants? Apparently just breathing the air in the temple and eating the food brings me closer to the spiritual world. They're super nice and unlike most quiteƱos, really interested in philosophy, politics, the larger world, etc. I got an earful about the hare krishna way, but only because i was actually really interested in hearing it - they aren't preachy at all (ive known jennie for almost a year and haven't gotten a single speech), while they're very devoted and so happy to share their way, they're also very open minded and able to actually have a dialogue about all kinds of things. A lovely community they have here with the temple/restuarant, and it is as they say a nice refuge from the hectic life outside.

More positive energy: My dad just emailed me a foto to cheer me up from all the gray weather (tanto Quito como Chicago), so I'm putting it up for all to see. It's from our stay on la Isla del Sol on the bolivian side of titicaca. We spent the afternoon hangin out on the deck of our hostal, drinking zumo de naranja, playing gin rummy, and taking in that VIEW.

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