Monday, November 13, 2006

T minus 6 days

And here I am waiting for a different flight, here in manta! alandaluz was gorgeous and sooo relaxing... i did nothing except sit and read/do crosswords, walk on the beach and eat good food. Oh except i also saw a shark! actually there were 3, but i only saw one. I was walking down to the beach when i saw a couple of local guys start gesturing wildly to the only guy surfing, and he ran out of the water and then they all ran up the lifeguardy watch tower and started pointing at the water. so i immediately thought shark, and sure enough they said "tres tiburones!" and i could see one fin out there. apparently its quite rare to see sharks in that area, they weren't sure what brought them out. that was certainly the most beach excitement, mostly it was completely deserted and it was nice enough the first afternoon to sit out and read, and the following days I took lots of long solitary walks by the shore. No swimming - forget sharks, those waves are SERIOUS... even just barely dipping my toes in I would sometimes get caught by a giant wave that would soak me and you could really feel the undertow!
the only downside of my trip was the permananent cloud cover never broke until today when I got back to Manta, so I got to enjoy a dreary beach and now a hot city. As for manta, lets just say i found the one nice internet cafe which turned out to be full of gringos and cockroaches, so im going to go off to dinner and hope for better luck at the restaurant.


  1. Thank god you're coming back to the states soon. When you get back, do you think you could manage to have a really boring life and post about it all the time, just so I can feel better about my life?

  2. ha, how did you know that was just what i had in mind?? stay tuned for detailed descriptions of temping and complaints about traffic, condos, and weather.

  3. Awesome! Feel free to liven things up, though, by telling us about the vegetables you chopped, how you cooked them, arranged them on the plate, etc.