Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Boxing Day!

I've worked my last shifts, survived christmas, packed up the car, and in just a few short minutes, I will be on the open road on my way to FAKE CHRISTMAS WITH THE MAHONEYS AND RICHARD! Best holiday ever! Like any good end of year publication, I must make lists:

Best 2 products used at madly popn
- booger tape (yes, this is the professional industry name for that sticky tape stuff that comes on packages and you can peel off and squish up in a little ball. we use it to stick gift cards on tins.)
- pacman (a round cardboard with a cutout, so if you screw up part of a 3 way fill tin you can pour it out without disturbing the other 2/3 contents)

Best 2 things I was nerdily excited about on the last day of work at borders
- Getting a $20 donation (in front of my boss to boot) for first book, where we've been collecting donations all month. I've collected hundreds of $s of donations just in a few weeks, which is really cool - first book is great, i've donated to them in the past and almost applied for a job with them, and its nice to offset the excessive consumption. If I could count the number of customers who dropped $200, $300, even $500 without blinking an eye...
-Getting some colombian customers, a woman with her older mother who didn't speak any english, so i got to chat with them in spanish! (also in front of my boss actually. borders loves me.)

Best 2 things about my mini vacation with Becky:
- The drive from o'hare to madison from 2-5 am. I'd worked both popcorn and borders, and becky had worked the morning in quito and then had the same flight i had 3 weeks earlier that makes 4 stops in 3 countries and gets in at 1 am.
- The extreme americana factor. I love how super wisconsin becky is, and i finally got a chance to see her in her natural habitat! We stayed at her grandparents' house in madison. Becky and her 2 siblings all want to U Wisconsin at madison, where they were FIFTH GENERATION. Her GREAT GRANDMOTHER was a professor there. Her whole family is Badgers crazy. Her grandparents are fabulous, super jolly people, who speak with a nice touch of the fargoesque accent. Becky and I had planned to check out state st and other favorite places in madison, but it was rainy and we went to the mall instead! Good american fun. I also learned that she used to work at both walmart and "the racetrack." (she's from a small town.) We had dinner with the grandparents (steak and potatoes!) and then we all watched greys anatomy. (Best part - becky's grandfather watched with an old school radio pressed to his ear, listening to the packers game!)

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