Saturday, December 02, 2006

I think the popcorn smell has permeated my brain...

Wait, did I suggest in my last post that getting a job would make my life MORE blogworthy? Let's see, my schedule from Tuesday through Saturday pretty has not seen much variation... working 6+ hours a day and coming home to a hot shower to wash off that good old popcorn smell and then indulge in my own personal veronica mars marathon. (Before jumping into the season 2 dvds I had to rewatch the 1st season dvds first and get myself reinvested in who was at veronica's door?!) This is not to say that I haven't been enjoying myself (merely that I am boring)! My job rocks... quick survey... how many of you can say your boss' job title is "Master Popper"?? When I showed up for my first day, it was like I had walked into an episode of Unwrapped on the Food network (ps, i think my boss is even more perky than the host of that show, if such a thing is possible.). I got the full tour of the backroom where the boys keep the poppers going nonstop and the basement where the gals put together the giant corporate orders (everything is nicely gender segregated, not that i'm complaining that I don't have the dirty hard manual labor job... i'll deal with my feminist guilt some other time.) I get to do a little bit of everything on the girly side of the equation, mostly out front helping customs where we get the rare walk in, or in back filling internet/phone orders. And sampling the product. God, good thing I've never been the low-carb type... 30 flavors of popcorn just covering every surface, plus all kinds of other snack foods... today I spent all morning heatsealing bag after bag of pistachios and chocolate covered pretzels... oops, i think this bag is too full, guess i'll have to take another bite for the team..
ok see, it's like i said, I've been trying to spare you from suffering through too many popcorn filled posts. Moving on...

Besides popcorn and VM, the big news lately is:
-SNOW! The first few days back here were just to spoil me... 60s and sunny, making it better weather than thunderstorm happy quito right now. The snow hit Thursday overnight and now everything looks like a christmas card. Of course, with our nice heated houses and door to door car service, it's hard to work up to a good snit about chicago winters.
-Natalia! I had my weekend early, when I hit the town on Thursday night with the girls. The high powered/salaried lawyer generously offered to take out her poor day laboring friend for a belated bday dinner. We hit up Sushi Samba, which is upscale but chic japanese/south american fusion. You know it was tasty, and I tried not to faint at the prices for our caipirinhas and choclo. And I got to catch up with Lillian, who in the time I haven't seen her started and completed the Ny teaching fellows program and is back in Chicago teaching at a charter school... she's probably the only person ever to enjoy teaching 7th grade and instead of complaining about her students, say they are "cute." And I met my first ecuadorian since being back - the restroom attendant at the restaurant. She voted for Noboa.


  1. I'm just tired of seeing "0 comments", I don't have anything exciting to report. Except I'm about to go see Barat, which apparently is like a big thing here? and then eat Kyber Pass (the onion kulcha is all mine!)

  2. And actually the "1 comments" really bothers me (you'd think google is smrt enough to program an unpluralizer for those single comments) so I thought I'd put the count back in the plural. Ok then.

  3. You're very needy today, Rebecca! Here you are... a comment!

    As you can see, even though you're back in the US, your blog is still interesting to me and keeps my loyal readership. It's all still foreign to me!

    I thought I'd point out though that you need to change your mailing address... otherwise some other random Rebecca at SA Explorers will get your Christmas card!

  4. ...another! It's your lucky day!

    I've seen Borat... V funny and V cringey in equal measures.

  5. Hey, needy blog girl, you've been back in Chicago for at least a week now. When are you going to come sing with us and visit (note I maintain my usual priorities)? I've heard rumors that KT is going to be coming. What about the other half (is that fair? perhaps I should say two-thirds) of this blog? I've a feeling I'm in trouble now.

    In the spirit of full disclosure, I want you to know that it took three attempts for me to type "blog" correctly. My first attempt yielded "bog," and my second, "blob." Good times.

    I hope my inane, lengthy prattle has not spoiled your initial pleasure in seeing that there were now 5 comments. :)

  6. No, in fact the lengthy prattle just prolongs my enjoyment and postpones further neediness! Speaking of neediness, I'm coming out east for a Mahoney Christmas, and HOPING to stay in Middletown for January, so cross your fingers that it will work out and I can be a regular tuesday singer again!! Though apparently, it's all the same to Jennie, so I shouldn't worry where I "blob" from.
    As for Borat, my funny/cringey ratio fell more heavily on the cringey side, since it relied too much on my least favorite kind of humor (potty) and easy shots at unsuspecting rednecks. Although if it was, say, a family guy episode and not just a guy making a fool out of himself in "real" life, I would have been on the floor laughing...