Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm heeeeeeeeeere!

I'm currently listening to dan katie and richard play with a noisemaking monkey, so i must be at the mahoneys!! I got in at about 1:30, thanks to the time change and sporadic snow. And immediately found myself on the receiving end of a frightening amount of hugging. Pretty great to be back, even if richard DID already RUIN fake christmas, by exchanging all his presents before i got here - despite the fact that he arrived a mere hour or two before me!!! see if he gets his christmas presents (that i bought in APRIL) now!


  1. Happy Fake Xmas to you all! Dan&KT&Richard&Nancy&Martin! and Rebecca too!

    Is it snow yet there in Mass.?

  2. No snow... it's been freakishly warm here (40's) the entire time I've been up. Where am I, Texas??????