Saturday, December 09, 2006

Plein de pain

Between us, R & I just killed about 2/3 of a huge loaf of artisan bread that he pulled out of the oven a little over an hour ago. We spent that hour on the couch watching "Daily Show" clips online and dipping said bread in olive oil. I feel extremely fat and very content.

I starting to get cranky that none of my regularly-checked blogs have been updated lately, but had to admit that I too was guilty as charged. So here I am. Hmm, what's new of late? My most recent brush with fame (not to be confused with "brushes" with fame, or brushes with "fame," both of which I've had an abundance of) came this afternoon, when I attended a NARAL intern lunch hosted by Liz Carpenter. Because I am a hopeless ignoramus, everything I actually know about Liz Carpenter (LBJ's executive assistant, Lady Bird's press secretary, co-founder of National Women's Political Caucus, at the forefront of the Women's Movement... okay, duly impressed) I learned from Wikipedia. Last night. She gets around in a motorized scooter these days, and she had to cut the lunch short because she was stressed out about finishing up a commencement speech she delievered this evening (yes, that's right; the woman who, according to the Dave Barry quote on the back of her latest book, "knows more about speechwriting than any other living human," was freaking out about penning a few vapid inspirational paragraphs for college kids... what a gal), but it was a good time nonetheless. Apparently she has a group of 8 friends (all in their 70's and 80's, I think) and every Thursday they meet at somebody's house and bring a "covered dish" for a potluck dinner and spend the night gathered around a piano singing. I love it.

Last night a group of us assistant preschool teachers (now THERE'S a sexy-sounding demographic...) went out for drinks to bid farewell to TC, my favorite pot-dealing, droopy-pantsed, aspiring-realtor, boy-you'd-peg-as-least-likely-to-work-with-small-children-if-you-had-to-pick-him-out-of-a-lineup assistant teacher from the classroom next door. My co-teacher Noelle and I have been mourning this moment ever since we found out about his resignation the Monday before last. There's no one who can keep us entertained like TC during otherwise endless 50-minute sessions on the playground, and he's just a joy to watch with the kids... they all adore him, and he keeps all the badass 4-year-old boys in line. We're all hoping for a male replacement; there's just too damn much estrogen in that school otherwise. We already lost two other full-time male teachers this summer, and another one is going down to only part-time starting in January. Nothing beats 25-year-old boys taking care of preschoolers... cuteness factor is off the charts, every time.

Apropos of nothing at all, I'm almost done with Wuthering Heights and I've gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed with it. Too many unlikeable people and cruel revenge schemes; not enough unrequited love and pining. Jane Eyre may be equally goofy, but at least it's got all the mushy love scenes between goodhearted people you could ask for. I know we're supposed to sympathize with Heathcliff, the diamond in the rough who's been crushed by life and love - but damn, that gentleman is just plain MEAN.

Tomorrow we have our last potluck and sing-it-yourself "Messiah" rehearsal at Bill & Quincy's before the performance on Saturday. Not quite as stressful as most of the other dress rehearsals I've participated in - seeing as how we're the ones who are in fact dishing out $16.50 for the distinct honor and privilege of getting to sit in the audience and mumble along with the Actual Choir onstage who will most likely drown us out to begin with - but it should be a fun. B&Q are offering up chicken soup and chocolate-walnut pie, and I'm still debating my contribution. Previous "Messiah" potluck offerings include 1.) gingerbread, 2.) peanut chutney with apple slices, and 3.) crepes with sauteed veggie filling (crepes were definitely sub-par due to experimentations with whole grains, but they served the dual function of dinner and dessert, since Quincy had some Nutella and I brought bananas, so I guess they made up for it).

Lastly, do any of you want anything from Texas before I head for the great white north in 11 days? Speak now or forever hold your peace!


  1. It's funny about Wuthering Heights. As an adolescent, I found it remarkably sad and romantic, a feeling that lasted for ages. Then I saw a version on TV that was truer to the book (I believe), and I was overwhelmed with the ugliness and cruelty. I guess we sometimes see what we want to see. In everything. N

  2. Back to back postings from KT! Check you out!

    Oh and if you can't bring me some of that lovely Texas weather, I will happily settle for your bright, sunshiney faces. And maybe some beef jerky. That's a Texas thing, right? Since you live in Austin, the hippie capitol of TX, could you get me organic beef jerky? I could probably get some here, but it wouldn't be from TX.




    I'm pretty sure you wouldn't even consider getting me beef jerky, even if you didn't get what passes for my sense of humor, but just in case, please don't. It scares me.

  3. (Shall I guess that nobody else out there was obsessed with Wuthering Heights for decades of their life?)N

  4. I was standing in the library before my train ride to San Diego trying to decide between checking out Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre (normally I'd get both, but my bags were quite tight), and I went with Jane Eyre. Then about halfway through the book, I got the feeling I'd read it before. It was really weird, and I'm still not sure if I have read it before.

    All I want from Texas is YOU! But I'm not in the great white

  5. Now I want to re-read Wuthering Heights (as if I have time for such things). It's been a while so my perspective might have changed. I always used to like it much more than Jane Eyre, though I agree there aren't a whole lot of likeable characters. There was a long period where I thought Jane Eyre was awful but now I like it again.


    Do we get to see you? How long are you sticking around. We fly away in a week (missing three Tuesdays, sigh).

  6. Mmmm, crepes with sauteed vegetables. That thought is making me drool all over my keyboard right now!

    I too have FINALLY updated my blog. Can't believe I leave in 6 days! Good times!