Friday, December 22, 2006

Since my father has been after me to come clean to my faithful readers...

Okay okay, here's how the story ended: I stayed up packing until 4am, set my alarm for 5:45, slept soundly through it, was awakened by Richard's "Oh shit!" when he magically opened his eyes for no good reason at 7:50, arrived at the airport at 8:30, caught the next flight to Bradley (via Baltimore this time, rather than Chicago) two and a half hours after my original flight had left, and somehow managed to arrive at my final destination twenty minutes before I'd been originally scheduled to. Riddle me THAT!


  1. Good track record we have at this blog here... we've managed to miss 100% of our last two flights. And can I just get another shout out for air travel in the US??? I was at the airport OVER AN HOUR before my flight left in Quito and they flat out refused to do anything except put me on the next flight 2 days later. Although I'm not feeling the love for the US service industry as much as usual, because the post office LOST MY PACKAGE and neither they nor the company that shipped it will take responsibility. Grrrrrrr........

  2. May I put in my 2 cents worth about our (insert your favorite profane adjective) PHONE COMPANY? Notice I do not use the phrase phone "service." I was promised phone service would be restored on Thursday by end of day. It wasn't. Then spent over an hour talking to / being transferred 5 times / waiting on hold / talking to morons Friday, ending with a promise that a technician would be there by 7:00 pm Friday. He wasn't. Rescheduled the technician for 8:00 to noon today; he didn't show. Called, was told he'd be there "for sure" by 2:00 pm. He wasn't. I left the key with a neighbor and vacated the place in disgust. Guess what - he showed up at 3:15! And did fix the problem. Gee, I could have flown to Ecuador and back in the 2 days it took them to keep their promise. Thank goodness for cell phones.