Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sweet sweet space heater...

So in a cruel twist on last June's bitter defeat, when we stoically resisted running the a/c for as long as humanly possible before collapsing in a sweaty puddle on the floor with just enough strength left to reach out and hit the "On" switch, I finally caved and turned on the heat (which ironically is produced by our air-conditioning unit) this evening. Sure sure, my nor'eastern friends, chuckle all you want at 30-degree nights and 65-degree days... but when you're living in a poorly-insulated shack with no curtains to keep out the cold at night, no windows big enough to let the sun in during the day, and a chilly concrete floor, you start to look suspiciously like a Yankee, all the time. When I put some sweet potatoes in to bake this evening and found myself completely unwilling to shut the oven door, I decided it was time to spring for some heat.

On another house-related note, our landlord showed up at our doorstep the other day to hand over our "holiday rebate": five twenties in an old jury duty envelope. He may be the awkwardest man on the block, but damn, is he a good landlord. We toyed with the idea of dinner at Uchi but ended up storing our newfound fortune in a drawer, as the first of (er, hopefully) many contributions toward the mythical IRA's that we would open if ever we had more than $46 between us. Lucky for me I live with such an egghead, or it would never have occurred to me to make such a corporate-sounding move... but the infallible logic of his argument ("If you save money now, you'll have it later") eventually wore me down and now I'm sold. Our new year's resolution is to set aside $40 each every week, which will probably last all of three weeks.

Okay, time to go eat said sweet potatoes. Stay warm, y'all!


  1. ha, good old richard "can't wait to be an old man" lee. sound investment. and don't worry, i won't judge your heating decision... that's the same weather we had in quito and if we'd ever had any kind of heating device we'd have been running it every night... damn warm weather places with no concept of heating or insulation...

  2. Yeah, I feel for your heating situation. Even though everyone back East rolls their eyes when I tell them Los Angeles is chilly, 80 degree days make 40 degree nights feel extra chilly, and leaky windows and wind don't help. I gave in and turned our heat on, too!

  3. If you save money now, you may have money later, but your chances decrease if you tell people via the Internet that you're hiding it in a drawer in your house. If you want to hold on to your treasure for any length of time, you'd best bury it in a tan can under your porch ASAP.

    (This "advice" is not meant to be taken literally; therefore, no real porch required.)


  4. Aw, crap! A TIN can! Or a tan tin can. Whatever.

  5. Ha ha... it's especially unhelpful if I announce in back-to-back posts that we're keeping money in a drawer AND it's incredibly easy to enter our house through the window (fortunately I managed to work myself into a state of acute paranoia and I keep that window locked all the time now). At least I didn't say WHICH drawer... though as there are only 15 drawers in our entire house, I imagine it wouldn't prove that great a feat to locate the right one.

    On an unrelated note, when y'all click on the photo link in my post, does it take you to one particular photo or my general photo site. It's supposed to take you to one single photo, but depending on which computer I'm using, I've discovered it doesn't always do that. How irritating. Oh well... when in doubt, just check the bottom of the "Austin 2006 Miscellania" album and the latest shots should be there... at least until it stops being 2006...

  6. ah ha ha ha! Welcome to southern winters, where the temperatures between day and night are often 40 degrees different! (BTW, I have had my heat on since the first week in November!) My southern blood appreciates it, but my wallet does not when I get the power bill!

    Ok, back to listening to Nelly Furtado on my i-pod while pretending to work!

  7. Finally catching up on some blog reading which has been falling behind along with posting to the blog I'm incharge of.

    To answer your question (since no one else did)... when I click on the link I get sent to the page that shows your albumns (which is good as it reminded me to look at the cute Thanksgiving photos). It finally occured to me to click on the link for All Photos where I found what I assume is the picture you intended to go with your post.