Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Who's gonna build your wall?

Just heard a highly entertaining country song on my dad's XM radio... Tom Russell's "Who's gonna build your wall?" A nice change of pace from a genre that usually leans strongly towards flag waving (from Toby Keith's contraversial song - "And you'll be sorry that / you messed with / The U.S. of A. / 'Cause we'll put a boot in your ass / It's the American way" to even Johnny Cash's "It's a Ragged Old Flag").

Now the government wants to build a barrier like ol' berlin, 8 feet tall
But if Uncle Sam sends the illegals home
Who's gonna build the wall
Who's gonna build your wall, boys
Who's gonna mow your lawn
Who's gonna cook your Mexican food
When your Mexican maid is gone

Listen to the song
Read a great article about it
Listen to same article in podcast form with clips from the song
Check out Tom Russell's blog, where he writes about the inspiration for the song


  1. Somehow your post appeared between me reading and commenting on KT's last two. Now I want to go listen to the song and read the articles. I must resist, need to be strong and go to sleep or I'll be sorry tomorrow. Maybe I can play the song to the baby in the morning.

  2. Oh God. I have to start an essay to hand in tomorrow. When will I grow up? So I've listened to the song (I like that... I should play it to anyone who criticizes the career I'm going into), I've looked on ebay for christmas presents, I've checked out Kodak gallery, looked at my lack of emails with dismay... what else can I do...? It's 11.37 am here but already I know it's gonna be an all nighter. Your blog is a welcome but harmful distraction! ARGH!

  3. Happy to help! Thinking of changing the blog title to "Rebecita and KT: aiding and abetting procrastinators since 2005."