Sunday, January 07, 2007

And the nominees are...

(No, I wasn’t kidding when I suggested our readers vote on best blog entry of 2006. Yes, I did just reread every blog entry from the past year. Someone’s got to do it! Well, not really.) Now, you are probably thinking “But Rebecca, you’re just picking the entries that recount your own favorite memories!” And you are right. I also picked KT’s posts that most made me embarrass myself by laughing out loud in public places in Quito. Feel free to nominate YOUR favorite and/or stare inducing post.

R's posts

It’s about time
In which I got teargassed: “For those of you are calling me a foolhardy young thrill-seeker, I would like to point out that I was not looking for a spot of police brutality. I was simply trying to go to choir practice.”

Cowboys and pigs and roommates, oh my...
In which I experienced a “plaintain western”, “don’t wish nature any specific harm” and “had a front row seat for the slaughter”

something to cheer me on...
In which I rave about WMSHC and along with kt and richard “sing through the entire sacred harp. OK, maybe just pages 181-224.”

In which I heroicly chase down a pickpocketer

I think the title pretty much covers it.

The big T
In which I had “fun with local remedies” and infamously “lived to visit machu picchu, and even eat a whole sandwich!”
(this one’s for you, Linda)

KT’s posts

No more public library internet for me, folks!
In which KT recounts the journey to Texas. “Well, imagine me pointing and saying, "Look, Rebecca! TEXAS!" and that pretty much sums it up.”
(Hey KT, did we ever get those Hot Springs anecdotes?)

Austin DOs and DON'Ts
In which KT covers for my record blog hiatus and reflects on her time in austin in hilarious list format. And asks the soul piercing question: “have you ever had a White Russian made with fresh goats' milk?”

Weekend in May
Despite the humdrum title, this entry catches my fancy for its high concentration of hi-lariously redneck quotable quotes. Observe:
“What kind of gentleman puts on a lady's jeans and doesn't realize they're not his own?!?!?! I ask you.” “Bill & Quincy are hosting a dominoes tournament/squirrel fry this evening.” “My co-worker's wedding is tomorrow, and we somehow managed to get all the clothes we need from the Goodwill down the block.” “We can't figure out if we have a cockroach infestation or if we've just been finding a normal amount of cockroaches for a Texas household.”

Sweet sweet space heater...
In which KT reflects that it might not have been a great plan to “announce in back-to-back posts that we're keeping money in a drawer AND it's incredibly easy to enter our house through the window.”

Other categories

Best vocabulary:
my only nominee in this category is...
forfend* - As used by Matt: “...because he's critical of the US (oh, and a socialist, heaven forfend!)”
*as Linda kindly informed us before mocking Matt in person: "Forfend," far from being the made-up word or unlikely typo it first appears to be, means to prevent, protect, or avert, as in "to fend off."

Best recurring theme:
My (much maligned by KT and Richard) constant references to drinking and the beach
KT’s constant references to the snail’s pace at which she types her entries
Our propensity to procrastinate by blogging and propensity to blog about procrastinating


  1. Am I allowed to nominate this post as best post of the year? Or do I have to wait until next year to vote it best post of 2007?

  2. OK all you bloglurkers. Since clearly no one else is nerdy enough to vote, I declare all my nominations winners! And pronounce this post the 2007 winner! No need to wait... I'm sure we'll only grow less witty over the next 53 weeks. I'm all about setting the bar low. Everyone likes an underdog. Am I still talking?

  3. Oh Rebecca, of COURSE all of your nominations are winners! I second KT's emotion as well.

    I have to admit that "The Big T" is actually a favorite of mine, and not just for the name of the lake. You saved the best part of that posting for last, when you tell about the restaurant proprietress who very nicely applied coca leaves to your face as a cure for icky tummy. Frankly, I crave more details, such as: Did you notice any reactions from your fellow diners? What was your father's reaction? After all, there were no leaves on your face when you left to use the bathroom, and then you come back... something's different... any reaction? Finally, and perhaps most importantly, in case I ever find myself feeling similarly unwell in a country with these powerful ingredients readily available, did you find the remedy to be effective?

  4. To start with, Linda, the application made her face all red. It altered her body language drastically -- her shoulders slumped more, her gait changed significantly, in fact you could say she was more slinky as she returned to her seat. On the other hand, she seemed much more energetic -- at least more animated. I found that leaning forward encouragingly was enough to start her explanations. The other diners, in a country where eye contact is even less frequent than here, were unanimous in voting her re-entry very captivating.

  5. Excellent, thank you! That does help to complete the picture nicely.

  6. sad, i kind of hoped k and r would be the only people hopping on to the nomination/self-congratulatory train. but yes, i agree. all of the mentioned posts/comments are winners. i do, however, think that richard's blog was sadly neglected in the nominations and comments. after all, he does share your comments section. so, i nominate his blog as the least updated but most consistently likely to make me laugh out loud. <3B

  7. Yeah, the people demand smarch updates! I'm sick of seeing george w everytime i check. Put your epic race pics up!!!