Friday, January 05, 2007

And we'll tak a right guid-willie waught / For auld lang syne

Okay, I've allotted myself exactly half an hour to crank out this post, because the last thing any self-respecting office drone needs when she gets home from work is to get BACK onto the computer. Assuming that allows me a little over two minutes per day to describe each day since my plane landed in Connecticut... I should be about five days into my vacation now. In my defense, I stopped writing to eat a grapefruit. But I digress...

With the possible exception of the weather (two straight weeks of 45 degrees - you call that WINTER??? I've seen colder down here, and we grow CACTUS) it was an all-star vacation. Sweet sweet entry-level employment making it possible for me to disappear unobtrusively for two weeks. I love being lowly.


1. Massive quantities of sleep.
2. A too-short (I didn't even get a chance to replace any smoke detector batteries...) overnight with my grandparents.
3. Singing at Amy & Sheldon's, and at Helen Hills Hills for the first time since last January. Many happy reunions ensued. Mainly involving people who were less excited to see me than I them because they already know all about me from the blog. D'oh.
4. Revisiting Apples to Apples, the board game that Richard and I have been obsessed with since playing it at Christina's on our way down to Texas last winter. I came in a respectable third-to-last out of eight.
5. Making it out to Albany for R's nephews' christening and subsequent party with big extended upstate New York Italian family. Digital cameras, ziti in chafing dishes, and elderly gentlemen discussing their respective barbershop choruses abounded.


1. Our first dogless Chanukah in 12 years. For 8 nights every year Watson was known as "Chanukah Boy" based on his compulsion to wake up and run from wherever he was snoozing into the dining room whenever he heard the prayer so he could squeeze himself into the middle of our traditional post-candle-lighting-group-hug. I'm pretty sure God made him extra-smart on these nights only, as he never failed to recognize the prayer - yes, the same dog who got a black eye because he couldn't figure out how to step out of the path of a moving baseball. Go figure.
2. Terrible tummyache on the night of the 30th and residual queasiness for the following week. Unfortunate side effect: I missed the New Year's Eve singing at Laura's. Silver lining: I managed to avoid eating myself stupid at my mother's New Year's party, a feat that no amount of intentional resolve would have accomplished.

I was going to try to beat Rebecca to posting her own pictures online (R and I left our cameras in Texas, so Rebecca was our sole documentator) but unfortunately I can't get the CD she gave us copies of her photos on to open. So you'll just have to imagine fake Christmas, our trip to Boston to visit Briana and Alison, and everything else we did. (Okay, let's be honest, that's everything we did. Unless you count the game of Life, which Rebecca already touched upon in her previous post.)

Okay, tune in later for pictures. And possibly a "Best Of 2006" list, which now that I have a blog I feel strangely compelled to come up with. How generic of me.

Happy 2007, y'all!



P.S. It's been an hour and a half.


  1. I think we should make people vote on the best blog entries of 2007. What are blogs for if not self-congratulation.

  2. b'oh, i meant 2006. 2007 doesn't have a whole lot of competition yet, and I already won for best comment...

  3. -YAY for Apples to Apples
    -YAY for extended upstate NY Italian families
    -I totally hear you on the weather thing - it's been warmer in the Northeast than in LA!
    -I totally hadn't thought of a "best of" list for the year until you mentioned it, and now that you have, I may have to do it...

  4. Couldn't you have stayed another week? We're going to miss you terribly at the Epiphany party tonight, and I don't know if I'm emotionally prepared. Waaaahhh!

    P.S. I vote for any post that references Titicaca.