Thursday, January 25, 2007

A full tummy and guilt induced photo

It was so lovely to have a tasty and relaxing dinner on this cold winter night with one just-arrived Lauren!!! We ate at the south Indian vegetarian place in Middletown. You know the one, it's on that road if you keep going past stop and shop. I can't wait for her to get her silly interview out of the way (it's not the reason she's here or anything...) and come back up to spend the weekend with me!

I keep meaning to post, but yet again it's late and I spent too much time reading fanfic... i mean... working on my application essay or cleaning my room... yeees.....

So to appease my guilt at not posting anything of substance for quite awhile, enjoy this photo from Fake Christmas 2006!


  1. I keep getting confused and think that the pillow is my leg. Hi lauren!

  2. Your leg is the tan part right?