Thursday, January 04, 2007

Home again

Another day, another homecoming! This time it's Middletown, where I'm staying with ex-roomie Andrea. (And fabulous cat Foster.) Her house is all fixed up, she finally has good permanent tenants, and an empty room just waiting for me! I was so happy when she decided to stay and buy a house in town - I have an excuse to come back here, and when I do it's with A and all her familiar things. And my timing couldn't be better - she just had surgery and can't use her left hand, so I can give her some extra help with things like dishwashing and typing, and help out with of the never ending projects around the house. So I get a rent free stay, and a reason to stick around even if working at the CHC doesn't pan out. That's what I get to figure out tomorrow, when I can hopefully track down my old bosses and secure employment for the next month. Now it's off to play the game of Lost (not to be confused with the game of Life) with A and her weekly Lost watching buddies.


  1. In case you were wondering, I suck just as badly at the game of LOST as at the game of Life. Perhaps more so, since I managed to die a few rounds in. But at least in LOST, my short life didn't just pass me by in a series of meaningless financial transactions. (Let ye be warned: Katie, richard and dan have outdone even the game's creators in sucking any potential fun out of Life. And no, I'm not just bitter that I didn't get to retire to the naked baby.)

  2. Best. Comment. Ever.