Monday, January 15, 2007

Perhaps you can gather from the incessant posting that I haven't gotten out much lately. In fact, I've managed to pretty successfully not leave the house for the majority of this three-day weekend, barring a brief trip to the Blanton Museum of Art, a Target run, and a bit of (highly restrained) thrift-shopping. Why, you might ask? Well, faithful reader, because we're in the midst of a very exciting WINTER STORM WARNING here, in which we are advised to STOCK UP ON BATTERIES and to NOT LEAVE OUR HOUSES and if we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, to BE VERY VERY CAREFUL. The WINTER STORM consists of the following: 35-degree weather, scattered showers, some ice crystals in the mud left over from last night. Texans are so cute. But let's be fair... a complete lack of sand and/or salt on the roads, coupled with drivers who have NO IDEA how to navigate slick roads in their massive Ford pickups, means it's genuinely as dangerous as an actually storm in places that actually have winter. I'd tell you what the temperature and wind chill are right now, but according to the Austin American-Statesman, there's currently no way of knowing. (Quoth the Statesman: "Want to know the wind chill in Austin? Local meteorologists would love to be able to tell you. But they can’t. Equipment that measures wind speeds at Austin Bergstrom International Aiport and at Camp Mabry — the city’s two official weather data-gathering spots — have been frozen for several hours, said Bob Rose, meteorologist with the Lower Colorado River Authority." Our city's intrepid meteorologists have apparently been "relying on information from nearby cities to estimate.")

It sure feels like winter to me in our drafty little icebox. In order to save on (what would surely amount to less than $2.00 worth of) heating costs, I'm decked out in long underwear, flannel pajama pants, fleece pajama pants, t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, fleece shirt, fuzzy hooded sweatshirt, scarf. I've essentially lived in this outfit - minus the flannel pants and the hoodie, which provides R with endless hours of amusement mocking my all-fleece ensemble - since Friday.

What more can I possibly tell you about my incredibly boring weekend? Don't worry, I'm trying hard to come up with ideas. I figure I should squeeze in all my online communication now before the power undoubtedly goes out, which will be a much more dismal prospect at this time of year than when we lost it for two days in the storm last summer. I suppose we may not lose power, but all it'll take is one tree blown down onto one power line somewhere, and the whole city will shut down. If only I knew how fast the wind was blowing...

Okay, time to eat something and keep cleaning the guest room. (Our house has managed to get a modest interior makeover due to the copious amounts of time we've spent inside it of late. Once we paint the exterior trim and convince something - anything - to actually grow in our yard, it'll be a whole new place!)

Let's close with something new I learned today: Did you know that HRC's "Buying for Equality" shopping guide gives such corporations as General Mills, Kraft, Miller, SC Johnson & Son, Estee Lauder, and Pepsi a 100% rating for GLBT equality? Tragically, the Hain Celestial Co (which manages to hold a monopoly on our entire kitchen and bathroom by controlling such brands as Celestial Seasonings, Jason, Health Valley, Arrowhead Mills, Rice Dream, and WestSoy) rolled in at a dismal 43%. If only I were man enough to give up my Jason aloe lotion. But I so am not.


  1. Yes, Texans have a skewed perception of weather, that's for sure. Several years ago (ok, many years ago), when it actually snowed about an inch on Christmas Day my parents were HORRIFIED at my intention of going out in the car (their car, that is). Forgetting about my several years' experience living and driving-without-dying in Chicago winters. I am sure this trauma caused them huge anxiety for the hour or so their car was exposed to the elements. Very amusing.

  2. Western Mass resembles a place that has winter today. It's pretty cold outside, and there are flecks of whitish flakiness that are clinging thinly to select areas of the ground. Kind of like Texas, I guess, with one key exception: current temperature 24 degrees, with WIND CHILL, feels like 12.

  3. What is coming over the country? Is it another Ice Age? We had snow in the CA high desert on Friday (which was really quite fun to watch)! SoCal, Texas, next thing you know the tropics will be tundra!