Friday, January 12, 2007


Man, it's been a while since friday night meant anything. Yes, that's right, I'm back to being an office drone! Just finished my first week back at the CHC, where time appears to stand still. When I visited back in March, it was kind of cute that both my jobs were still vacant and I was still the expert. Now, a year and a half after quitting and moving out of the country, it's a little creepy. (Though I'm not complaining - a month in a cushy job at my old salary, twice what I was making in my crazy retail jobs, thank you very much.) In fact, all that seems to have changed is Thursday night they go down the street to the new bar for happy hour! That's right, I may not be in Ecuador, but I can still blog about my crazy drinking and partying! By which I mean having one beer at 5:30 pm and suffering through the kind of lame dirty humor all "the girls from the office" across america indulge in when that 5 o'clock whistle sounds. Actually the beer was really good (and a $2 special, which, while twice as expensive as a Pilsener, is still my kind of price tag) and it's a nice new bistro place, so I may have to drag Andrea out for a real girls night out.

Anyway, while not working on the Patient Satisfaction Survey or Patient Demand Study, what does any self-respecting office drone do? Keep up on one's googlenewsing! Entertaining AND with the added benefit of making you look intent at work on your computer. For your own procrastination come Monday, here's a couple favorites from today:

Remember when I was impressed by " ofrecido en: Quechua"? So was the Economist.
Google it in Quechua

Speaking of Peru...
Have you seen Nepal? Not really, Peru says

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  1. There goes my cunning plan to use a picture of Machu Picchu with the slogan "Have you seen WMSHC?" Damn you, Nepal! You've ruined it for everyone.