Saturday, January 13, 2007

today's culinary adventures

Just because I felt like sharing. It's almost like eating it all again, except without the incapacitating fullness that would entail. (And as Richard can attest to after the infamous Taste of Chicago 2001, this is not a pretty sight.)

So I went out to do some errands on Main St. today.

First stop: Brooks Pharmacy (formerly Peltons) where, at 29¢ I just couldn't pass up several boxes of these lovelies. And in searching for a picture, I came across this new and improved version! I can't WAIT to buy a pack next year!!!

Second stop: Middlesex Fruitery. The purveyors of those melt-in-your mouth dates finally opened up again after taking a true middletown style extended vacation. The only place I know of where the owners pick through the bananas, giving you only those unblemished specimens, and mixing and matching various stages of ripeness to match your preference. Or answer the question "How are those Ida Reds?" with the advice that they are really baking apples and the best eating apple right now are the Cortlands, and then cut you a sample slice. And those DATES. Don't worry, before I leave town I'm going to sink a serious portion of my savings into those babies and just maybe share a few with you lucky few :)

Third stop: It's Only Natural, the local natural foods store. Since I overindulged at WF and TJs last week, the only item on my shopping list today was milk. I didn't get as lucky as last time, when I picked up some expired milk for free.

Back at the ranch...
Andrea and Albert: "We're hungry... let's order a pizza!"
Me: (gasping in horror) "Do you know how much food we have in this house?? That's it, I'm cooking you dinner."

To the corn muffins I had already baked this morning, I added to the menu:
My favorite mac and cheese, which is whole foods brand cooked with broccoli. At Al's request, I baked it with crumbled crackers on top (in lieu of bread crumbs). Secret ingredient: mixed in dill havarti from the Nancy Mahoney Excess.

My new favorite baked beans. I usually just heat up a plain can of vegetarian baked beans. Today I added: a handful of chopped onion, sauteed. half a can of muir glen fire roasted tomatoes. half a bag of prewashed baby arugula. Black pepper to taste.

And now it's time to put the taste buds to sleep for the night with half a grapefruit from the fruitery.

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  1. Ahhh, those memories of The Fruitery -- pears, cheese, fresh bread, all perfect for combining. And it's only 14 hours away.