Tuesday, February 27, 2007

100% certified free of soul-searching

The skies are gray today to mark my departure from Austin. So what on earth have I been doing with my time here, besides attending political rallies? Among other things...
- visited the O'henry museum, which was free, cute and informative, and enjoyable despite my vast ignorance of that particular author (though apparently not quite as vast as Richard's ignorance.) George Washington Carver museum, which was not very cute and not particularly informative. But also free :)
- shopping at natural food stores and thrift stores, eating excessive amounts of quinoa
- A fabulous weekend in College Station - between my cold, all the singing, and our night out on the town with Aggie alum Scott (highlights - extended tour of his alma mater, dominoes and beer at the Dixie Chicken, a walk through "bottlecap alley", a lesson on how to "gig em", and too many shots to round out the evening) I totally lost my voice on Sunday. I'm hoping to come back for the southwest texas convention or something so that I can put my brand new cooper book to good use. and practice my pronunciation of "i-ron."
- Academy Awards - not that any of us had really seen any of the movies nominated (the 2 movies I saw in 2006 in theaters were borat and click.), but it ended up being the perfect mindless activity after the long weekend mentioned above - and was it just us, or was it a particularly enjoyable oscars?? between the unbearable cuteness of the kids, ellen actually being funny, the hilarious will farrell/jack black song, the amazing dancers, al gore, the dreamgirls performance... so good!
- Pan's Labyrinth at the Alamo followed by tasty Mexican ( I got some veggie tamales para llevar)
- The long awaited arrested development marathon and late night haircut by KT

And now it's back on the road for another 2 day power drive. While I'm loathe to leave my friends behind, I'm excited to a) finish my audio book - Framed, I totally recommend this book and particularly the audiobook read with the great accent. and b) see MP!! Like many other people I've seen recently, it's been way too long!

Tonight in Amarillo, tomorrow Aspen! (After sunny and 70s Austin, I'm bracing for the snow and highs in the 20s...)

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  1. So glad y'all had fun! Drive on, I'll continue to hold your hat ransom in hopes of getting a creative, new recipe!