Monday, February 05, 2007

Back to unemployment...

Tomorrow is already my last day of work at the CHC! While i will staunchly resist the impassioned pleas for me to stay there forever, i would like to point out what a wonderful place to work it is. The other day a bunch of us had a free lunch that the IT guy won at Nikita's. Turns out it was hosted by a financial adviser guy who did his spiel first. At one point he asked the rhetorical question "Who here thinks they should pay MORE taxes?" - To which the two highest paid people at the table, the medical/dental clinical directors, raise their hands! I love it.

So I'm really breaking in my new car - those 82,000 miles have turned into 85,000 awfully quickly... don't tell my insurance company. This week in particular - the weekend I went out to Boston, tonight I went down to New Haven, tomorrow up to Northampton, and Thursday back to Chicago! Sheesh.

Yes, I've suddenly had a rash of catching up with old friends! So lovely! I had wonderfully relaxing back to back weekends with Lauren and Briana, both filled with grocery shopping, cooking, and chilling. Tonight I got to compare notes post-Ecuador with ex-roommateBerry! She also fed me wonderful noodles and introduced me to Tasty Delight.

Still on the agenda before heading west - more singing, finishing my paint job in Andrea's attic, catching An Inconvenient Truth on our free On-Demand, trying not to get paralyzingly depressed after watching said film, buying more dates at Middlesex Fruitery, and packing. Now, off to get my beauty rest....


  1. My unemployment is official. I'm less worried about the loss of a paycheck than the potential drop in my self-esteem! Seriously, they shower me with so much affirmation there it's creepy. Not just my bosses, even the people from whom I merely sat down the hall minding my own business (ahem, reading googlenews)! I think there must be something in the water.

  2. if you are referring to the pseudo-ice-cream frozen dessert, i believe it's actually tasty d.lite (if that period were actually in the middle of the line instead of at the bottom)... you can take the girl outta the greater new york metro but...
    (i miss you already! how long til march?)

  3. tasty d•lite, is it??
    (Option + 8) :)

    Miss you too! March is soooon! I better get on that ticket...