Sunday, February 18, 2007

Next stop: Arkadelphia

So we ate our way through another day here in the Bluegrass State. Pancake breakfast, a trip to Value Market (ethnic friendly grocer in the south of the city, where many of Lauren's refugee clients live. we ran into a bunch of somali clients shopping.), and a late night snack cultural exchange - I made patacones (twice fried plantains from ecuador) and Ruth made me a Derby Pie. Lest you think all our adventures are culinary, we also threw in a trip to the laundromat and took in a Sherlock Holmes play.
For those keeping track I'm hitting the road again in a few short hours (hello, bedtime!). Mon night I will be taking up residence at the Pioneer Inn and on Tuesday night I plan to show up on KT and Richard's doorstep!


  1. Sad to see that the Pig Pit is too far away to walk to. But it is nice to know you'll have access to the biggest pool in Arkadelphia.

  2. Yeah, KT will be disappointed. And I hope I remember to take a picture of the pool in the morning. It definitely doesn't disappoint.

  3. glad you liked the patacone recipe! (Colombian but I guess the same way you all do it in Ecuador!)