Thursday, February 15, 2007

An Ode to Roller Derby

Soooo I'm leaving Chicago tomorrow, and I haven't even come close to posting an album a day. So much for self-set goals. There's a small offering today, and I'll try to catch up in off moments over the next few weeks. Katie and Richard have to work sometime, and there's only so many arrested development dvds...

But this post is dedicated to Roller Derby! Natalia (aka Mexican Jumping Mean) has been big into derby for a few years, but I haven't been in town to see a bout until now! It was pretty faaabulous. What is this derby of which you speak? Well, if, unlike my dad, you were not lucky enough to see it during the 50s, follow these links to enlightenment.

Read about it in trusty old wikipedia

Watch a short news clip on youtube. A heartwarming AND informative human interest story from the friendly folks at KTRU Houston... now back to you Bob...

Check out my pictures from the bout on Sunday! In which Natalia's team (the Kilopatras) came back in the final period to beat the Ultraviolents, and Natalia totally rocked the rink.

For upcoming bouts check out Natalia's league site, the Chicago Sirens

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