Friday, February 09, 2007

On breakfast

Fotki, my fabulous photohosting site, constantly has photo contests going on, which I keep meaning to pay attention to and enter because the top 3 win a free premium membership. The latest one was:

My Breakfast
Submit a photo of your breakfast: it's up to you to select the best photo of your breakfast or a photo or your best breakfast. Needless saying, it should be fresh and tasty :). Bon app├ętit!

(how excellent is their overly friendly rambling and not-quite-right english... it's a totally professional site, but it gives off the vibe of being run by some random eastern european family - all the faqs etc read like this. i love fotki.)

Anyway, the voting is still going on (members only) but here are my faves.
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
honorable mention

If I had gotten around to entering, this would have been my most viable entry. (Yes, that was definitely my breakfast that day. Sara took it when we were at the beach for Carnaval, appalled at my affinity for eating them with cheese. I used to eat them for breakfast all the time actually, i remember walking to the market where i worked at CENIT, you could smell from down the block if the old woman had set up to grill maduros. mmmm.) Not a winning photo, but it wouldn't take much to beat the scrambled eggs and cereal most people entered.


  1. Also, I couldn't have entered the photo since I didn't take it. duh.

  2. and boh. i don't think the picture links work if you're not signed into fotki. I'll have to repost them once the contest in ended and the photos are public.