Saturday, February 10, 2007

Photos, as promised!!

Hopefully you've already forgotten my goal of averaging one new album per day over the next week. I'm trying anyway... here's the first installment! Yes, KT already posted many of these pictures. Tough.

In other Fotki news...

Even though I haven't finished updating them, I archived the Ecuador photos... sniff... you can find them in this folder.

I also spent a good part of the morning tagging all the photos!! That was fun, and now you can see my photos by subject. I love the prominence of "despedida."


  1. You have a very nice blog here! Best wishes in your travels! :)

  2. Hey Rebecca, I haven't checked out the photos (yet), but I did follow one of your links to a food article--the one about Murray's cheese shop (and so much more). Fascinating stuff. I'm now haunted by this image of a giant robot in a cave in Switzerland endlessly taking one cheese after another out of its slot, giving it a bath, turning it over, and putting it back to bed. And it's really happening! It makes me think of Marvin, from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. "I have a brain the size of planet! And I'm spending eternity washing cheese."

  3. Awesome, I'm glad someone is enjoying my random foodie links! That was such an intense article. I now only wrap my cheese in wax paper :)