Thursday, February 01, 2007

Squeezes in before the deadline...

So, as per the comments on the post below, my KT imposed deadline for posting photos is in a scant few minutes. Despite dimly recalling said deadline, and being explicitly reminded by Katie with hours to spare, what did I spend my evening doing? Not browsing audiobooks at Russell Library, or watching The Office, or cooking up some trusty mac n broccoli, or reading more fanfic... no, I'm sure I didn't do any of those things. In my defense, I stared at spreadsheets and charts all day. (I'm a pivot chart maker extraordinaire!) So here is my sad little solitary picture as the midnight hour approaches. It's actually not sad at all - it's the picture I currently have showing on my cell phone, and it makes me happy :)
Real picture bonanza coming soon, I swear! My goal is one album per day while I am in Chicago and job free.

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