Thursday, March 29, 2007

Also, the current blog title is really lame.

Any suggestions?


  1. You're right. If I just happened upon your blog I wouldn't even get past the title. You're lucky I'm obligated to read your blog and leave occaional comments. My suggestions:

    Rebecita and KT - Like Smarch, But More Frequent And Less Funny

    Rebecita and KT - The Minutiae Of Everyday Life

    Rebecita and KT - Kind Of Like Simon And Garfunkel. One Does The Writing and Has All the Talent While the Other Awkwardly Puts Her Hands in Her Vest And Occasionally Chimes In (or perhaps matt damon and ben affleck would be more appropriate)

    Rebecita and KT - Getting Mad at You For Not Remembering Every Little Detail of Her Post 7 Months Ago Even Though I Probably Wasn't Paying Close Attention And I Can Hardly Remember What Kind of Sandwich I Had For Lunch Yesterday (it was roast beef with avacado)

    Rebecita and KT - I May Have a Blog But At Least I Don't Own a Cell Phone....(were it not attached to Rebecca's, there's no way katie would have a blog of her own due to the inherent narcissism and scary new technology factors).

    Rebecita and KT go to White Castle

  2. Oh my lord, these titles are the funniest thing I've read all year. so funny i had to just call richard to laugh at him out loud. "awkwardly puts her hands in her vest!" hee! (i almost defended poor kt being compared to mr garfunkel, until I remembered that just a couple months ago I sent her an email with the subject "OH GOD YOU AND ART GARFUNKEL WERE SEPARATED AT BIRTH." True story.)

    Also, any ACTUAL suggestions for blog titles?

  3. I wouldn't dismiss "I may have a blog but at least I don't have a cell phone" out of hand. That one has some merit. "The minutiae of everyday life" is also valid, but fails to capture the awesomeness. You could try: - Forever linked-like two vegetarian sausages. Or: Two awesome people making sketchy choices about where to live. (I'm a New Englander. The current states of residence are TX and CA. Do I really need to explain my point of view?) I urge you to consider it. I suspect you could get some serious mileage out of that title.


  4. ha ha, too bad i am a proud cell phone owner, and kt has been known to mooch off of that technology as well... and since we both happen like where we live, thank you very much, i'll have to veto that last one :) i like the sound of the vegetarian sausages though... or maybe i'm just hungry...

  5. Ha ha, I certainly do use cellphones, I just am kind of a neurotic paranoid and the thought of all that radiation following me around all days kind of freaks me out - even though it's all in the air anyhow, and let's not even discuss wifi! Consistent she's not. Now where's my 1930's typewriter?